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Name- Audrey
Birthday (Year required)-10/8/88
Astrological sign-LIBRA

1-YEah yeah yeahs
3-blink 182
5-The beatles
6-allison krauss and union station
7- all 4 one

1-Star wars-return of the jedi
2-The last samurai
3-american wedding
4-51st dates

Day of the week-monday
80’s hair metal band-
TV show-BUffy
CD-dixie chicks-home
All time favorite song-the beatles-hey jude
Favorite song of the week-usher-burn
Depressing song/band-Garbage
Boy/girl in a band-Brody Armstrong
Singers voice-Lead singer of the yeah yeah yeahs


Abortion-Its your life u live with the regret. However im niether 4 it or against.
Animal Right- Sure why not but if those animals get rights why dont same sex marriages get rights as well.
Vegan/ Vegetarian- Its really nutty.
Smoking-Hey its your life. WHo am i to say anything. HOWever i am a casual smoker myself i think it is really shameful. SOmetimes i am ashamed of it.

Pick one:

MTV/ MTV2-mtv2
I love the 80’s/ I love the 70’s-i love the 80's
Kenan/ Kel-kel
Big Pete/ Little Pete/ Petunia-petunia
Scarves/ hats-hats
Gloves/ mittens-gloves
Mixed CD’s/ mixed tapes-mixed cd's
Chocolate milk/ Strawberry milk-chocolate milk
Peaches/ Bananas-bananas
Porn/ no porn :(-porn


1-Have you ever yelled at a teacher/professor?yea
1a- did you cry afterwards-felt like it but didnt show it i just told my dad and he took care of it. (8th grade) I thought i was the shit since my dad was all powerful and got people in trouble if i ever told him anything bad. SOrry i was a lil brat im a daddy's girl.

2-Tell us a story that you have heard about yourself when you were a baby (a fun one) U know what all they ever told me is that i never talked when i was a lil girl and it always looked like i always kept to myself.

3-What was the last thing you read?My answers to these questions.

4-What’s your secret life goal that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else?I'm trying to lose weight not for me but for wrestling i dont give a damn about what my parents think or anyone else it all depends on wrestling and if i need to lose it for wrestling then that is the only thing i will try to do it for. Im completely happy myself no matter how big i am or will be.(but i hope not)

5-What’s the band that got you into the type of music that you listen to?KITTIE

6-What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on?Phillipines(sun burn spectacular staring the red thing a.k.a audrey.

7-Did you get married in Kindergarten?no
7a- What was their name?none

8-Best concert experience?It was my concert for the h.s. band and well i thought i played very well and i loved wearing my beautiful tux.

9-Where does most of your money get spent? Shoes and shirts and ummmm accesories and ummm donations at church basically. No one to spend it on and i dont need a lot of it so i might as well give it to charity,right?

10- Give an example of your dorkiness-I snort after i laugh and i know almost everything there is to know about star trek-voyager-enterprise-deep space nine. Ive been in band for 8 years going strong, went to band camp and ummm was also in the marching band.
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Simon Says

My Cyclefly CD finally came after 34083092480938 months of waiting/refunds/annoying emails. Amazon.com can kiss my ass.

But slfjkd Declan O Shea harmonizing with Chester Bennington...with decent quality listening, makes it all worth it.
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Simon Says

Whats the CD you're looking forward to coming out the most? or what are CD are you saving your money for that recently came out?

The Mods,
lyn and alicia
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my app.


Name- mallory
Location-G-ville, SC
Birthday (Year required)-9-11-87
Astrological sign-virgo


1-brand new
3-the cure
6-pink floyd
7-taking back sunday

1-donnie darko
2-fight club
3-the virgin suicides
4-the dark crystal
5-the breakfast club

Day of the week-sat.
80’s hair metal band-i hate 80's hair metal, so none
Color-green and purple
TV show-glimore gilrs,unscrewed,bliss,that 70's show,queer eye for the straight guy,the daiy show, strangers with candy, family guy
CD-aif-black sails in the sunset,pink floyd-the wall,and brand new-your favorite weapon
All time favorite song-(omg this is hard)afi-god called in sick today or pink floyd-comfortable numb
Favorite song of the week-i miss you-blink182
Depressing song/band-AfI or the cure
Boy/girl in a band-mark hoppes(sp)-blink182
Singers voice-robertsmith-the cure


Abortion- your body, your life, your mistake ,your decision. yes,i'm pro-choice
Animal Right-animals have feelings too,so for them ALL THE WAY
Vegan/ Vegetarian-i could never do that, but the more power to ya if you can
Smoking-i'm stopping as i type, i think when you start its hard to stop but do what makes you happy

Pick one:

MTV/ MTV2-MTV bc i don't have MTV2 bc i'm poor
I love the 80’s/ I love the 70’s-i love the 80's
Kenan/ Kel-Kel, i have a love of orange soda as well
Big Pete/ Little Pete/ Petunia-Big Pete, i always had a crush on him
Scarves/ hats-Scarves, but a good hat can make a statment
Gloves/ mittens-Gloves, you can't do anything with mittens on
Mixed CD’s/ mixed tapes-Mixed Cd's
Chocolate milk/ Strawberry milk-Choco.
Peaches/ Bananas-peaches
Porn/ no porn :(-PORN!, i'm a girl but i still like it


1-Have you ever yelled at a teacher/professor?yes, and i pay the price for it
1a- did you cry afterwards-yes bc i got in trouble and i was in 6th grade at the time

2-Tell us a story that you have heard about yourself when you were a baby (a fun one)- i had this empty bottle that i always sucked on when i was a little kid and my mom was trying to get me off of it, so we where on a road trip and she threw it aways and later when i was asking for my bottle my mom told me she had to give it to the cow mommy for her cow baby (i had a thing for cows when i was a kid) and i didn't cry or anything, i just was like OK. and then on for about 3 years after that everytime i saw a cow i would ask my mom if that was the cow who had my bottle. (i dunno, i thought it was cute)

3-What was the last thing you read? Transpotting

4-What’s your secret life goal that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else? to have the whole, 3 kids,the with the big house and be members of the local country club.....yeah

5-What’s the band that got you into the type of music that you listen to?blink-182

6-What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on?a family one to Indiana
7-Did you get married in Kindergarten?yes
7a- What was their name?Brain, he was my best friend growning up

8-Best concert experience?i last all my firends at a New Found Glory concert and at frist i freaked out but then the opening band (hot Rod Circt) came on and i was just "rocking out" all by my self and this really cute guy standing next to me, started singing with me and it was great.

9-Where does most of your money get spent?CDs

10- Give an example of your dorkiness-i stay home sometimes on Sat. nights just so i can see reruns of my fav. show that i never get to see in the week, unscrewed, and its a tech tv show too.

Picture- don't have one sorry
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