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Name- Derry
Location- Long Island, NY
Birthday (Year required)- March 13, 1990 (I'm 14, will be 15 in march of 2005)
Astrological sign- Pisces


1- The Beatles
2- The Distillers
3- New Found Glory
4- Fall Out Boy
5- Simon & Garfunkel
6- The Used
7- L7

1- Stand By Me
2- The Sandlot
3- Goonies
4- Wayne's World
5- Where the Heart Is

Day of the week- Friday
80’s hair metal band- Twisted Sister
Color- Pink
TV show- South Park
CD- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
All time favorite song- Total Eclipse of the Heart techno remix by Nicki French
Favorite song of the week- i don't know?
Depressing song/band- there are many, just can't think of them at the moment.
Boy/girl in a band- Brody Dalle
Singers voice- Jordan's from NFG


Abortion- I'm 50% Pro-life and 50% Pro-choice, so I'm undecided.
Animal Right- Yes. How could someone abuse a little puppy or kitty? I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and the thought of someone abusing any of them makes me feel terrible.
Vegan/ Vegetarian- I'm not strict vegitarian. I eat white meat but red meat makes me sick. It's horrible what they do to the little piggies and cows :(
Smoking- Tired it but got sick from it. Most of the people in my family do it, but I personaly think it's gross.

Pick one:

MTV/ MTV2- Hate them both but I guess MTV2
I love the 80’s/ I love the 70’s- I love the 80's
Kenan/ Kel- Who loves orange soda? KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA!!!!!!
Big Pete/ Little Pete/ Petunia- Little Pete
Scarves/ hats- Hats
Gloves/ mittens- Gloves
Mixed CD’s/ mixed tapes- Mixed CD's
Chocolate milk/ Strawberry milk- Chocolate milk
Peaches/ Bananas- Bananas
Porn/ no porn :(- no porn :(


1-Have you ever yelled at a teacher/professor? Yes
1a- did you cry afterwards- No

2-Tell us a story that you have heard about yourself when you were a baby (a fun one) I was 3 or 4, so not really a baby but it was Christmas Eve and we were at my granny's house. I was hitting my sister in the head with a wrapping paper roll and everyone just laughed and didn't tell me to stop. I guess that's why I'm so evil now :-D

3-What was the last thing you read? The ingredients on my pretzel bag.

4-What’s your secret life goal that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else? Hooter's girl :-D

5-What’s the band that got you into the type of music that you listen to? Sum 41, even though i don't like them now.

6-What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on? When I was about 8 I went upstate to visit my great aunt. Her house was smelly and the boys on her block followed me around.

7-Did you get married in Kindergarten? haha no.
7a- What was their name? N/A

8-Best concert experience? GC w/ my lovely friend Jamela. She was the only black girl there. Pretty funny.

9-Where does most of your money get spent? Food or movies.

10- Give an example of your dorkiness- Wherever I go I sing Total Eclipse of the Heart. I do stupid things and tell stupid jokes just to make people laugh, even if they're laughing at me. I run into things. Try to hop fences and fall off. I still have a swing set in my backyard. My nickname is Derkey. I watch PBS and Nickelodeon. (I think I'm more of a loser than a dork).

Picture- not required I'll post one later.
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