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Name-  Priscilla
Location- I hang with the cool kids from Mass.
Birthday (Year required)- May 17th, 1989 on a lovely Thursday night
Astrological sign- Taurus, I am a bull.... Yeah Yeah


1- The Ramones
2- Billy Idol
3- Nirvana
4- Guns N' Roses
5- Weezer
6- Our Lady Peace
7- Goo Goo Dolls

1- Purple Rain (Call me crazy..)
2- Seems to be a popular answer but its BOWIE so.. - Labyrinth
3- Muppets from Space
4- Beetlejuice
5- A night at the Roxbury

Day of the week- I like Wednesday's because I have clarinet lessons. That just made me feel like the girl from American Pie.. ha.
80’s hair metal band- Poision because of song 'Look what the cat dragged in'
Color- I like black and white, espiceally when they're in checker formation
TV show- Full House.... John Stamos yeah enough said
CD- Oh well I'd have to go with... The passion of christ soundtrack! No just kidding um... thats a tough one I suppose the RENT soundtrack
All time favorite song- Look what the cat dragged in - Poision
Favorite song of the week- Hmm right now I'd have to say November Rain by Guns N' Roses. Yes.. I'll go with that.
Depressing song/band- Bright Eyes.. Yeah thats some depressing stuff. Listen to just about any of there songs, specifically 'No lies just love'
Boy/girl in a band- I'm going to have to go with Billy Idol by default.
Singers voice-  John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, nice.. calming.. voice yes.


Abortion- After thinking about this question forever I don't really know. Theres different things to look at.. like the reasons. So I guess I'm undecided.
Animal Right- Animals are my friends! No but seriously; Animal abuse and such sicken's me. Poor animals, its not like they did anything wrong.
Vegan/ Vegetarian- I only eat chicken. But not because I'm totally concerned with like animals and everything I just happen to not like the taste. Yeah that made me sound cool.
Smoking- My parents smoke eh' I've been recieveing the second hand smoke since before I was even born so smoke if you want its no concern to me.

Pick one:

MTV/ MTV2- MTV2 duhhhh I can't even watch MTV anymore
I love the 80’s/ I love the 70’s- I love the 80's I guess I find it funnier because I've heard more about the 80s from my mom. And disco and stuff isn't my thing.
Kenan/ Kel- Kel because HE LOVES ORANGE SODDDA and so do I!
Big Pete/ Little Pete/ Petunia- Little Pete because I used to have a crush on him and his mermaid.
Scarves/ hats- Hats I like hats.. in all shapes in sizes.
Gloves/ mittens- Mittens because I decorate my mittens with that gooey paint stuff.
Mixed CD’s/ mixed tapes- CD's because I don't like hitting the rewind and fast foward button, yes I'm lazy.
Chocolate milk/ Strawberry milk- Chocolate milk, because I had a bad experience with strawberry milk in fourth grade, LONG STORY SHORT, I ended up drenched in liquid.
Peaches/ Bananas- I like Banana's cause they used to sing it in that song 'I like to eat eat eat apples and banananana's!' I still sing that....
Porn/ no porn :(-Porn.... yeah


1-Have you ever yelled at a teacher/professor? Yeah but hes 22 I mean what the hell
1a- did you cry afterwards- No in fact I laughed very triumphantly.

2-Tell us a story that you have heard about yourself when you were a baby (a fun one) When I was little I was oh lets say 'slow' I didnt walk for a while. And the only time I would walk is if my parents but this like decorated bottle of rum across the room, it's quite amusing I have the home video's that my grandmother makes me watch...

3-What was the last thing you read? Ohh... lets see I read this question, ok lets not be wise, I believe it was A Wrinkle In Time for the 100th time.

4-What’s your secret life goal that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else? My goals in life are not going to get me anywhere but I've always wanted to meet and greet an eskimo. And I want to go to Africa. And last but not least I want to meet Bill Clinton just for fun.

5-What’s the band that got you into the type of music that you listen to? That would be Nirvana not that it has much to do with my type of music. But my dad pumped every band like Nirvana into my head ever since I was little. And then my mom would make me listen to 80s day after day, she never got the memo that they ended.

6-What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on? Mannnn ok this one time my brilliant family decides they want to go New Hampshire.. which is not far at all, only 5 hours. Anyways we drove me my mom and my dad. But of course we hit traffic and of course my dad swears when he hits traffic but not just swears like he will MAKE UP new insults (example - That guy is a sloth on acid). So we finally get there and I trip walking into the hotel room and fall flat on my face. I broke my nose... and that was bad cause I felt like Marsha Brady.

7-Did you get married in Kindergarten? Yes!!! Kindergarten love man..
7a- What was their name? Robert... Its sad that I remember this because at the time I was in California.

8-Best concert experience? When I was 8 I was at a Backstreet Boys concert, ha, and I threw a stuffed animal on the strage and Brian picked it up and was like ;)!! Yeah needless to say I almost fainted.

9-Where does most of your money get spent? At dollar stores and salvation armies. I have problems with lots of money but cheap and unimportant things.. thats where its at for me.

10- Give an example of your dorkiness- I decorate everything with glitter and paint and all that good stuff. I've been in band since 4th grade and I've loved every minute of it, I go to band camp too. I'm to a point where people think I'm drugged because I know so much useless information. I question anything and everything just so I get a better understanding. And as a kid I'd cry when I didn't get straight A's.... alright I'm lieing I still do it.

Im posting a picture

Thats me on the right, whoa that picture is big sorry.

Thanks to you.
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