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Name- Nicole
Location- Hamilton, NJ
Birthday (Year required)- 22.5.84
Astrological sign- Gemini


1- Travis
2- Weezer
3- OK Go
4- The Cars
5- Fiona Apple
6- Jeff Buckley
7- No Doubt

Movies *in no particular order*
1- Clue
2- Wet Hot American Summer
3- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
4- Love, Actually
5- Empire Records

Day of the week- Thursday
80’s hair metal band- Poison (I'm sorry, but Bret Michaels is hottt.)
Color- Green. I'm a redhead and it goes well :)
TV show- That 70s Show, Law & Order, Queer as Folk, I Love The...
CD- "The Man Who" - Travis
All time favorite song- "My Sharona" - The Knack
Favorite song of the week- "Back in Black" - AC/DC
Depressing song/band- Travis
Boy/girl in a band- Damian Kulash of OK Go and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer
Singers voice- Damian Kulash

Abortion- Women's choice.
Animal Right- Proud member of WWF, Nature Conservancy, and Sierra Club :)
Vegan/ Vegetarian- I wish I had the discipline.
Smoking- Neh.

Pick one:
MTV/ MTV2- MTV2. I'd really like to go with MuchMusic tho.
I love the 80’s/ I love the 70’s- 80s alll the way!
Kenan/ Kel- Kel
Big Pete/ Little Pete/ Petunia- Big Pete. I was totally crushin' on him!
Scarves/ hats- Hats
Gloves/ mittens- Mittens where you can take the mitten part off and there are cutoff gloves there!
Mixed CD’s/ mixed tapes- Ohhhh that's a toughie. I guess tapes.
Chocolate milk/ Strawberry milk- Choco
Peaches/ Bananas- Peaches
Porn/ no porn :(- nooooo porn. Unless QAF is like porn.

1-Have you ever yelled at a teacher/professor? Not seriously.
1a- did you cry afterwards- n/a
2-Tell us a story that you have heard about yourself when you were a baby (a fun one) I wasn't a very fun baby - I had colic. My mom says that I used to sing Paula Abdul karaoke a lot with my cousin. We used to do "Opposites Attract" as a duet. He's gay now...
3-What was the last thing you read? "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris
4-What’s your secret life goal that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else? To make enough money to have a house built for me that is identical to the one in the movie Clue.
5-What’s the band that got you into the type of music that you listen to? Weezer
6-What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on? Hilton Head island, South Carolina. It rained the whole time, my parents fought the whole time, and there were so many mosquitoes...
7-Did you get married in Kindergarten? I think I might've now that you ask.
7a- What was their name? I can't remember.

8-Best concert experience? OK Go at Maxwell's in Hoboken. It involved drunken English boys and a boy band-esque dance.

9-Where does most of your money get spent? Best Buy or Urban Outfitters

10- Give an example of your dorkiness- I consider myself the human dictionary. I can spell pretty much anything. It's kinda scary. My pet peeve is incorrect grammar. Like when people type the wrong form of 'your' or 'you're' and the different forms of 'there' their' and 'they're' omg...

Picture- not required
When I met Hal Sparks at a Queer as Folk DVD signing in my local mall :)

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