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Name- Gretchen
Location- North Salem Ny
Birthday (Year required)- 9.26.88
Astrological sign-Libra


1-Brand new
2-Taking back sunday
3-The used
5-My chemical romance
6-Motion city soundtrak
7-Jimmy eat world

1- Pretty in Pink
2- Donnie Darko
3- Plup Fiction
4- Heathers
5- The breakfast club

Day of the week- Friday
80’s hair metal band- none
Color- black
TV show- Life as we know it
CD- You'r favorite weapon- brand new
All time favorite song- For me this is heaven- jimmy eat world
Favorite song of the week- A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White- underoath
Depressing song/band- my chemical romance
Boy/girl in a band- Justin from motion city soundtrack
Singers voice- Jesse Lacey


Abortion- its the womans choice, not yours
Animal Right- they should be treated repectfully and not harmed
Vegan/ Vegetarian- heathier for you in some ways, ive tried to do it but failed miserably
Smoking- depends on what, i dont think its a big deal

Pick one:

I love the 80’s/ I love the 70’s- i love the 80's
Kenan/ Kel- kel
Big Pete/ Little Pete/ Petunia- Petunia
Scarves/ hats- Scarves
Gloves/ mittens- mittens
Mixed CD’s/ mixed tapes- mixed cds
Chocolate milk/ Strawberry milk- strawberry
Peaches/ Bananas- banannas
Porn/ no porn :(- no porn


1-Have you ever yelled at a teacher/professor? no
1a- did you cry afterwards-
no i wish i yelled at some of my teachers, i probly would cry.
2-Tell us a story that you have heard about yourself when you were a baby (a fun one)- i wasnt a funny kid :(

3-What was the last thing you read? Jays Journal

4-What’s your secret life goal that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else? To marry someone in a band and have his babies

5-What’s the band that got you into the type of music that you listen to? taking back sunday

6-What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on? Florida when i got sunburned on the top of my feet and couldnt wear shoes.

7-Did you get married in Kindergarten? of course
7a- What was their name? mikey

8-Best concert experience? Motion city soundtrack and the academy is

9-Where does most of your money get spent? cds/tickets/ clothes

10- Give an example of your dorkiness- i draw house before i make them for the Sims
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i'm gonna vote yes, because you draw the houses out for the sims, although i wish you would have put a fun baby story.

the application is being given another three days to get voted on.
si cause you live in north salem and i live in yorktown and si because youre born in september too

but boo very big boo to the no porn
okay well since both the mods have voted on you, YOU'RE IN!!

sorry we don't have a fun stamp right now :(
thanks <33 and its ok ;)